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march 9th

"So she was telling me that she didn't understand, and that it was too much for her to take it all in. She didn't know how to do things right. She stopped doing what needed to be done, and started over-reacting."
"Um-hmm and what was it that she didn't understand, again?" Cory asked. His eyebrows relaxed as his concern slowly faded away.
"That's it? All of that crying, all of that ripping of paper, all of that horrible screaming…over algebra?" Cory couldn't hide his smile. He ran his fingers through his dusty brown hair-pushing the longer strands out of his eyes. He was about to say something hurtful about his love, but decided not to.
"She gets crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't worry too much about it." Cory paused—smiling wider than before. "Thanks for taking the time out of your day to try and tutor her."
"No problem. Um, I don't want to be lame, but it'll be ten dollars." Henry shrugged, and put his 14-year-old hand out.
"Oh yeah. Hey, we all have to get paid somehow, right? There's no shame in this game. Here you go. Buy yourself something small." Cory said while laying a crisp twenty-dollar bill in Henry's hand.
"Thanks Cory. Tell Gwen that I said everything's cool, and that I'll see her in class…later." Henry's eyes focused on the clock in Cory's art studio. It was already 15 minutes past 7. It was probably too dark for Henry

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