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Quench your body's thirst.

Thank you LA Times coupon section and CVS pharmacy for discounting the 'Oil of Olay Quench body lotion' so that poor ass people, like yours truly, can afford it.

$2.99 = :)

the Quench body lotion is beyond words. Right after I bought it, I put it all over my dry bark-like arms and there was instant satisfaction. Moisturizing makes SUCH a big difference in the quality of one's life. My body doesn't feel like it's going to burst into flames when I walk around anymore.


So, let me tell you about Quench: It's not oily, there's no left over lotion residue, and it feels like you're putting water on your skin because it's not all THICK like some lotions. It's kind of like..."physican's formula face moisturizer" but smellllllls soooo good. I smell beautiful. Like, if you could imagine someone beautiful (male or female) and imagine their smell, that's what I smell like.

And, I don't care what you snobs say, you can buy your Macys-sold "designer" lotions, but in the end, my skin feels and (now) looks like a baby's ass. SMOOOOOOOTH (oh god, I just remembered the santana/rob thomas song "smooth"...."give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it)

I've always been an advocate for the Oil of Olay face moisturizer...ask any of my friends, and that's one of the first things they'll mention if you ask about "winnie's favorite beauty products." It's all about the Olay, baby. I mean, that's why reimi will forever look like a 5 year old, because she uses the Olay too...

So, let me just tell you, if you're living in a dry ass community, or if you want to "splurge" (sad times for poor winnie....$8.00 for a lotion is splurging. tear drop) on an amazing lotion...

go for the Oil of Olay "quench ultra moisture" body lotion.



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