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I wouldn't lie to you,'s mainly a physical thing.

blast from the past.

now that I'm writing it out, it REALLY doesn't seem to matter.
Clint and I are friends on facebook.

see how sad that is in plain letters?

but, when I saw the "clint...accepted your friend request" I almost shi-shi-ed EVERYWHERE... (hi high school day crush)

but, I guess 9 years has a way of creeping up on you. It makes you realize that those people that you once obsessed over (high emphasis on the word "obsessed") have changed. He's a crazy holy-roller jesus freak with a beautiful face.
and when I was 15, he was just a beautiful face.

ugh. the disparities of getting older. people change, personalities and personal politics surface, skin sags, and HAPPINESS DIES... ahahah, a little over-the-top with the ending.

melodramatics from 7:45 in the a.m.

I think in my quest to go backwards in time: has proven to be a strange path back to someone I think I want to be again.

mid life crisis? or a true self search? hmmm.....

I think college and everything that took place afterward shaped a lot of my personality, but maybe not in the way I wanted it to. I think this whole...'gotta know everyone from small-kine-kids dayz" and this unbelievably strong drive to move back to salt lake is proving a dissatisfaction with my current situation in life. Could it be that reality is too much for me, and I just want to hide in a 15 year old's (5 year old's, really) mindframe?

or maybe this is all amounting to:
who knows winnie best?
who knew winnie when she was at her best?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I always think of my college experience as being one of the bigger failing points in my life. Granted I got reallllllly good grades, my personal, financial, and emotional life were at it's lowest.
and that, more than grades, paintings, and papers seems to matter most.

life is unfolding itself with surprises popping out in all directions, and I'm being introduced to new parts of my personality that I feel like I've known for years

but when will i click my heels 3 times to get home?


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