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So, my car cost 1100 $ to fix.

nothing really more to say about it than that.

So, this is my third attempt at writing something concrete down. Each time I type out a couple of sentences, I just hold the delete key down.
so instead of trying to make cohesive sentences, i'll just list what's on my mind, and we'll go from there.

-"afterparty" is playing, and the song reminds me of a time when I'd go out and dance for (literally) 4 hours straight.
-my car cost 1100 dollars to fix. it's not even an amount anymore, it's just a number.
-I didn't expect to get an e-mail back for an interview (as a part-time art teacher) but, i did....I'm kind of fucked, because keiki'o's wants me back--badly.
-I haven't seen my best friend in like 2 months, and i'm sad about that. we're both busy ladies, but i miss her!
-I was supposed to go out tonight, and part of me really wishes I did.
-I'm totally into this 21 year old guy (boy) and he loves my taste in music (melt my heart)
-"ronnie rucker" has a really cool blog/talk radio show...and I want to have one too (eventually)
-I'm thinking about going back to UH just so that I can get a job at KTUH (hi, where are my priorities?)
-1100 is a lot of money
-maybe the private school will pay really well, and therefore, it would only make sense for me to quit keiki's.
-I'm listening to "crash into you" from dave mathew's band, and i keep wishing that beau was here listening to it with me. (yes, I'm still hoping for a beau miracle)
-I'm hoping reimi gets into a school on the west coast in a cool town so taht I can live with her and ian again. hi, fun times!
-I made enchilladas tonight and they were so effin' good.
-"summer wind" from madeleine peporwperjslsjf is really pretty.
-I want to get my teaching degree/master's in education because...k.c. (who is my only teacher friend) is spending her summer break in columbia. I want to have enough money to travel in the will happen.
-I've compared my life to all of my friends lives, and I must say for the most part, I like my life more than most, but hate my life in comparison to some.
-why did the smashing pumpkins break up? they made magic together.
-alyson told me that reid misses me.
-the m.j. death and memorial were too much for me (emotionally.)
-I got a really cool birthday gift for alyson, and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail.
-"trouble sleeping" is a song I have yet to get tired of. I used to listen to this song during the last months of david, I would think: I have trouble sleeping because of him, now I have no trouble all. what a nice change.
-I've thought of 10 (million) different ways to kill my neighbor.
-jeremy is really cute, and when he wears his hair down, I kind of blush....why is he only 21.
-this summer is beautiful because of 2 people: chris and mat.
-"ama" is a sumo wrestler that is kicking asses across the circle floor.
-if i find out that my cunt neighbor is the person who has been toying with my car, i'm going to burn her house down. ("don't quote me boy, cuz I ain't said shit..."--eazy e)
-1979 (from the smashing pumpkins) reminds me of a time when the sky was as blue as the A building pool, and life was as simple as grass blowing in the wind. there are certain moments in the song which almost make my heart hurt.
-salt lake has shadows from the buildings that I can only replicate in my mind, not on paper, and not in words.
-I'm going to surprise my summer fun kids with a (reduced sugar) yellow cake and cream-cheese frosting. they love me. I know they do.
-sometimes I wish clint fivella and I were better friends...but idon't wish it for long.
-my car has no air conditioning, and today, at 2:30 in the afternoon, my mom and I rolled up the windows and sat through a car wash. we laughed the whole time because we were being boiled alive. heat stroke is a funny thing when you're with someone you love.
-my back tooth kind of cracked and the sharp edge is hurting my tongue.
-do you love me (as you pick the petals off the flower you found on the ground)


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