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oh, that's right...she writes too....

Ya, i'm done posting 10 thousand youtube videos.
I'm also through with being 26.
yes, yes, yes, today (8/31) is my birthday :)

hip hip hooray.

and i'm not even trying to bring it down, because i got wonderful gifts, wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family, and wonderful parties from the wonderful people in my life. (ya, obvious word over-usage)

but, who didn't wish me a happy birthday ?

every single motherfucker that i've pined over for the past....let's just go with: 10 years of my life.

not one of those assholes (including the people who I like right now) have even acknowledged my day of birth. whatever.

it doesn't devalue the wishes from everyone else. no, no, no,
in fact, it amplified it for me. All of those years spent trying to impress those who I thought would be taken-aback (if you will) by me, when everyone else around me is already on my side.

27 is all about realizing what I have, and appreciating it....
no more wasting time with wanting things/people who don't want me.
and, let me just say: I want someone who will acknowledge my day of birth, because lord knows that I'll acknowledge theirs....every day.



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