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to delete or not to delete.

that is the question.

so, this isn't necessarily what i wanted to write about,
and since there is honey inbetween the keys,
and words are sticking together,
i can't really say all that i want to say..

So, i'll leave the long drawn out blogs to my blogspot page

who knows when I'll actually update it with the thoughts that have been filling my mind?
oh time, please do tell!

anyway, I'm in the mood to write,
so sit back and get ready to read...reid...reed

what does it mean to delete someone from your life (or your facebook life)
that says:

Basically: I don't want to know you anymore (in this somewhat superficial, but strangely "deep" way)

what else does it mean?

It means that, I'm not interested in your good days, or your bad ones.

it says:
I don't care about your posts.
I don't care if someone you love broke your heart, because I won't be updated with the news.
I don't care if you've passed your classes, or if it's your so-and-so's first/last day of _______ (fill in the blank)

It says:
I won't check "like" on your posts that are really fun and cool,
and I won't keep hiding your posts because I secretly didn't want to add you in the first place...
I won't play with your pet society pet, because your coins don't mean that much to me.
and, your "5 most favorite things you would take to russia" doesn't really matter to me....

but ultimately, what it screams is:
maybe, just maybe, we're not as close as I thought we were.

I suppose it doesn't matter if you were never close to the person: In my situation, I'm thinking of deleting a certain someone, simply because if i don't........i'll go crazy. I was a fan of his for a brief moment in time, but now, the wonder has worn off completely. delete or not to delete?

Is there awkwardness after the deletion?
does it matter? after all, i didn't care about the awkwardness when I grazed my mouse over the "delete" option.

I doubt I'll ever see him again, and he has over 10 million friends, so one less won't topple the jenga tower...

what to do...
what to do...
what to do...

There were moments though...moments where i wanted to draw him in my landscape with my most favorite ultra-thin sharpie marker, to keep him in my view until the paper faded by natural causes, not with the ultimate white-out of the "facebook delete."

moments where I thought....maybe he would transition from one thing to another
(and surprisingly, I'm not thinking friend into boyfriend...)

**shhhh, don't tell anyone: but I already kinda did draw him in with my marker, and i've been trying to draw over him...but color pencils and crayons just don't cover sharpie the way I want them too....
and I was lying about the friend into boyfriend thing...I wanted that too.


and so....the only option left is the facebook delete. the clearing of the slate that I think i need.
but, the only thing that's stopping me is that good ol' tune from "WAR":
why can't we be friends?
why can't we be friends?
why cant' we be friends?

why can't we be friends?


by the way, don't have hurt feelings, but i'm writing about you. (no, not you....YOU)

love-love. (don't worry....I haven't deleted you yet.)


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