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she lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man

sing it, mr. vedder...sing it.

I never, in my life, thought a pearl jam song would define my life.

I' m probably going to show some of my work at a one-night open mic thing at UH.
I have to start somewhere, right?

...and the childrens book is done. I'm waiting for it in the mail.
so far, almost everything on my list for 2009 is completed:

scheduled and am currently studying for the praxis
finished "how to create..." book
Booked a mini-art display show (for october 29th)
found out information about both the credential program and masters program (in education)

things left on list:
--call sure shot/coffee see about displaying work there
--submit designs for greeting cards online.
--find out about the masters in fine arts program at UH

things are moving along even though I feel like i'm standing still.
...isn't it great to be a organism on this planet? things are ALWAYS happening, whether you feel it or not.


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