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and you are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me

it's all too real sometimes.

so, the hormones are making me want to bang every man I see
while eating apples.

I've been eating tons and tons of fruit, and fruit-flavored things.
in the last couple of meals, I've added apples to everything. i made a crock pot and added apples to it.
I ate 2 (lightly salted) apples.
for lunch I had a fruit salad, after having an orange-dream-machine at jamba juice.

I went to a yogurt shop and topped my yogurt with 95% fruit.

I think the extended bleeding maybe depleted me of some type of nutrient, which I'm trying to replenish by becoming a fruit blender.

I'm surprised I haven't peed lemonade.

I want to do a playlist of loveliness.
so you can download my life, and smile the way I smile when I'm smiling about you.

-"know better, learn faster"--thao
-"it's about that time (remix)--miles davis and santana
-"easy girl"--coconut records
-"islands in the sun"--weezer
-"glass"--julian casablancas (mah lovah)
-"let's stay together"--ceelo feat. pharrell
-"roman holiday"--camera obsura
-"you taught my heart to smile"--mccoy tyner
november + december always makes me want to be an actress in a real-life "love actually" scene.
windy weather equates love to me.
don't ask me why.
maybe that's why my heartstrings have pulled you to this blog,

i know you're here ^_^


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