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funny little frog.

I don't know. I don't care.
one thing I'm not good at
is hiding my feelings--especially when it's in written form...
so when I miss you, i miss you..
and when I hate you, I hate you..
and when i'm goo-goo-ga-ga in love with you, you fill in the rest.

maybe what I'm trying to say is
take me seriously


because as quick as I am to write/say/feel something
I'm just as quick at changing my mind...

I will always have a space in my heart, but it may not be for you.
but, you already knew that, because you know me way better than I think you do.

anyway, I got the job at kuhio elementary. art teacher status, here I come.
now comes the hard part of saying goodbye to one job and hello to another.

(another thing i'm GREAT at doing.)

I'm closing my myspace because it's just a huge reminder of since you're already here, reading every iteration about my life, you may as well stay and read the rest, since most of it is about you anyway. :)


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