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chirp chirp chirp

Oh dear, there's something wrong with my va-jay-jay.
yes, you've read correctly. i'm having irregular periods. I had like only..14-20 days inbetween my last period and this current one.

don't worry, I'm done writing about it, so if you're grossed out, you can read on...

but, let me just say, i'm not worried, because I've been under a lot of stress lately--and stress can fuck up your pink-princess, but I will get it checked and update you about my chinko as soon as possible.

let's put our efforts into manifesting positivity because I personally like being healthy.

november has been a fairly good month (so far) my check engine light went off (because it WAS on) and apple is fixing my imac for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
the weather has been cold and wonderful, so things are going well. Momi doesn't seem to be anti-me, so I may just keep my job a little longer. (long enough to get everything checked and fixed on my bod-day)

what else. hmm...I'm going to start working on my artist statement. I'm kind of tired of being ashamed of my art (and of being an artist)...I mean, really, I didn't spend over 30,000 dollars on school to be ashamed of myself.

so ya. I'm going to really put my efforts into my artist statement and see where it all goes.

my praxis is on saturday. I was stressing about it, but I'm leaving it all to the stars. if i'm supposed to be doing this, I will.
enough said.

november always puts me in a nostalgic mood.
it's the month where I give thanks to all of the things that have made me smile,
and the month that I miss the things that have flown far away,
it's the month where we find our way back to the warmth
and the month where we converse in our minds and speak with our hearts.

i miss you magpie, there is a nest waiting for you whenever you're ready to come back.


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