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save that smiley face for another time.

I'm tired of the critiquing style of....

"I really like something but...(and then there's a long list of everything that's wrong with it which includes, but is not limited to: the concept, the tactics, the style, the production, the "but it's just not good enough" deal...
but after the breathless rant of every single's: "But, I still like it." (said of course with an optimistic smiley face and eyelashes that JUST cover the first half of your eyeballs.)

It's like, save your commentary, because 1) nobody cares--and when I say nobody, I really mean NOBODY--including yourself cares, and 2) you're lying.

Where did this style come from?
oh....did it spring from the creative world? or maybe it's the mothering "dr. spock" critique that has fucked with little kids self esteem for ages.

Hit em' with the positive, bash them with the negative, but still lift them up in the end.

you know what I call that style, a crock of shit.

If you don't like something, but don't want to hurt someone's feelings, then save it, or bring it. but don't mix the two...because what do you have in the end? a mixed up mess.

the person on the receiving end is left to feel like total crap, because what your little "helpful tips" are saying is, "hey your "great job" sucks. Hi, mixed message.

I'm tired of this buttered-up new-age of lies. let's just be real for once and say what we mean, and mean what we say. That's why so many of us from these past 2 generations are jelly-spines, because we're SO afraid of hurting feelings or getting our feelings hurt, that's why relationships never end, and people can still be "friends even though we broke up" because you never really broke up. there was that positive word at the end, "but, I still love you..."

I realize that this isn't a cut-and-dry world, and conversations,relationships,misunderstandings,face-to-face/face-to-computer-screen, interactions are filled with gray areas, but if there is one thing that would benefit the world it's: effective communication.

if you don't like something, just say you don't like it and why.
if you like something, say you like it and why.
if you're on the fence, and you kinda sorta like something, but you kinda-sorta don't like another thing, then do the world a favor and just say: "I'm on the fence" and leave it at that, unless asked.

Otherwise, we all know what you mean.
After all, who's fault is it that you're on the fence? the person creating, or the person critiquing?
shh...don't tell me, because I don't want to know.


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