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we can just talk about you, girl.

so i think that might be the only picture from the night?
but whatever. It was a really fun night. lots of art given away. Chris and i are wanting to take this to the streets, like literally, so maybe this first friday, I'll be walking around with basket-fulls of art, with the free-art thing attached to the back.

we'll see.
I have to change my mood, because i'm still a little down about kiki.
I need to get some digital prints done. I want to enter the marks garage competition:
are you interested: click here
i think you just click on the marks garage logo, or whatever. it's under call for artists.

anyway...there are other things I have to do/start doing for this strange 2010.
I finished reading 2 of my 10 books (for this year) and I'm working on book 3.
I've been doing art. i've decided that I'm NOT going to apply for the teaching credential program, but rather put all of my focus into getting a masters in fine arts (hopefully from somewhere besides UH...because after their masters show, I'd rather NOT go there.)

If things don't work out at Marks garage (for the march show) then i'm definitely going to contact sure shot and see if they can display some of my work.
oh, and did I mention, I'm going to re-new my gym membership and make use of it.

in terms of crafty fashion:
my sister sent me this blog address, and I'm crazy about her:
she's wonderful, in all meanings of the word.

oh, and before I forget (again) and have to edit this exact same post for the 10millionth time, i'm going to start compiling my writings together and put together a book. I've been doing blog-style writing for the past....10 years, and i have a lot of stuff, back in the days when I was "ginger williams", until now...
so, ya. it'll just be for me. and you. and you. and you. and ya.

so things are moving. let's just hope they're moving forward.

love to you, boo.


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