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you make me weak at the knees

...instrumental happiness...thank the stars you were created.

i'm feeling better about everything, and even though my bank account (right now) reflects a total failure in saving things, my emotions reflect that spending is the key.


what a small purchase at old navy and a day out in the mall can do!

and i'm only admitting this to you, dear reader,
I'm a littttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttle happy to have talked to beau yesterday. (lol, the amount of "t's" prove that it's more than a little, but maybe less than "a lot.")

he's so funny. it's like a constant happy face--but an honest one. he REALLY makes me laugh.

So, let me just say this (because I've re-read my entries from the past 3 months..and i'm not in the mood to delete anything) I'm very happy that beau and I are friends again.

with that said, here comes the extended explanation..

I use words to cover and reveal a lot about my feelings.
Almost all of my disappointments and thrills are all made up of alphabets and awkward puncuation, so what you're reading is real.

I feel, I write.
I read, and adjust. (meaning, I sometimes regret my words, or other times am amazed at how well I caught the mood...emotional adjustments)

it's a coping mechanism.

when hurt or happy,

Some people eat food (me too),
some people need hang out time (hi!),
some people cry, (not as much as before, but..ya...I occasionally shed a tear or two)
some people sleep (fo' dayz,' dayz.)
some people get crazy...(whatever)

but, I write! that's how I cope with my life. through words.
and if i've said anything to hurt you,
remember...sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.

ya, right.
if I've said anything to hurt you, good. because at that time in my life, you hurt me too. eye-for-an-eye, bitch.

love consists of 10 thousand things, and you're definitely one of them, maybe..just maybe, you're the first thing love is made out of.
have a wonderful day.

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