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lazy daisies are last picked.

Maybe it's because I don't have the opportunity to sit and watch t.v. all day (because he's out there)

or maybe it's because nothing is really "on"

but, I don't understand how people can watch t.v. all day.

every morning, I wake up around 7ish,
I go into the living room and the t.v. is already on, and it doesn't go off until like 11:30...even when he's on the computer, the t.v. is ALWAYS on.

it's almost disgusting, because there are other things to do...but i literally live with the laziest person on the planet.

we have a craft fair coming up next weekend, he has wood and tools, but he's just sitting there...watching t.v....
he waits until like the last two days to make anything, and then, he makes everyone wait around for him. he's always the first to set up at the craft fair, and last to do anything...
I can't stand it.

what's sad though, is no one believes in him when he makes promises, because he never finishes anything that isn't important to him...
for instance, and the list is just listing a few...

1. I'm going to open a store for your mom... (ya, right)
2. we're going to fix up the white car (as of now, my windshield wiper fluid drains out, I have no speaker system, and my brakes are basically gone...)
3. we;re going to Europe. (oh.......okay)
4. the famous "I'm going to do something today..." (instead of saying it, DO IT.)
5. gotta check into a grant-writing program...(it's pointless to even finish the sentence.)
6. gotta use my gym membership/gonna work out today......

so many open promises, and so much t.v. watching. it makes me sick.
and he can blame it on the stroke, or on the lack of money..or on anything else his dusty mind comes up with, but even before the stroke when he was rolling in the doe, his ass was planted into the couch.



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