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both ends of the tunnel

Yesterday's hike did a lot for me. I feel by climbing that mountain, I've climbed over something else inside of me, and I'm very calm now.

the most beautiful sight from yesterday's diamond head hike was from inside the darkness of the tunnel.
everything before the tunnel was an uphill climb, and after the tunnel was a series of never-ending stair steps.

but, inside the darkness of the tunnel, light came from both ends

inside the tunnel, I realized that what lies beyond both ends is, and was, a struggle


being in the middle of it, looking out either direction, it was so beautiful and bright.
the light beamed from both ends, and everything was, and is, worth it.

it is moments like that, when you are physically, or metaphorically, standing in the dark, the lighted ends become significant.

Coming down from the peak, I passed through the tunnel again, leaving with the same sense of wonder, but this time understanding that, when light pours in from both directions, what lies ahead and what was left behind shines all over you, all at once :)


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  1. beautiful poetry, love the message, the light, and the self-realization in this piece, love you winnie!


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