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elephants and hippos underwater.

another crazy dream.

so last night, I had this dream that I was in swimming in an ocean (Again)
but there was a baby elephant and a baby hippo (like they were like....3 feet tall) swimming in the water, and there was another animal, but I can't remember what it was...
maybe a giraffe.

but, they looked like ceramic pieces kinda..because the elephant was gray, but at times looked baby blue
and the hippo was a reddish color, but at times was mandarin orange...
the other animal looked wooden (like an old giraffe figurine I had when I was younger)
and they were swimming to shore.

and I was so scared for them because i wasn't sure if they could swim...and i was screaming for someone to call for help ("call the zoo" I shouted, to who? I don't know...)

and the elephant made it to shore just fine, because we weren't really far out into the ocean..
and the hippo was under water because, that's where hippos stay, but he came up, and made his way out of the ocean too...

there was a helicopter flying over with the stretcher carrying the other animal (unidentified giraffe-like creature) out, and I watched the whole thing.

But, I remember *clearly* wondering.... "who would throw the animals into the ocean? did they fall off a boat or a cliff?" .

and then I woke up...

it was kinda a neat dream. I want to draw it.
I've had so many dreams where I'm "concerned" about the dumbest things...
hi, life reflection.


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  1. that was a wiered dream. not exactly normaly, ive had crazy dreams to;)



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