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differences are what make us all alike

we allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll already know that I have this un-dying never fading love for kimura takuya, right?

like, I'm in love with the man, and have pretty much watched every japanese drama he's ever been in (with the exception of "gift" and.."hero" which will be ordered and delivered shortly)
anyway, in the latest drama I'm watching titled "change"
takuya, plays this borderline silly/ hopeless 5th grade teacher (!!!)  and is chosen (through a series of unforeseen events) to be japan's next prime-minister. 

All of the old farts in the Japanese Parliament hate him because he's  un-experienced, unconventional in his youth (i think he's like 35), and unbelievably handsome ^_______^ 
(even though he has strange hair style)

Anyway, to get to the point of this blog, in last night's episode, there was this really important point that takuya's character made. 

There was a foreign relation/trade:import/export problem between the US and Japan, and the US representative was really upset with Japan for not handling the trade issues in the same manner as the United States (basically, increase imported goods and slow exports...)

And through this mild debate Takuya says...(paraphrased, of course)

"well, the reason why we have problems is because you keep thinking we're the same type of country, but Japan and the US are completely different. " (hi, state the obvious!)

But, he goes on to say: 
"when I was a teacher, and my 5th graders would get into fights, I would stop them and have them talk out their issues. 

 Many times, the source of their fights would be because they failed to recognize that everyone is different. What works for one person doesn't work for another. When you keep thinking that everyone is the same, you stop appreciating the uniqueness of each person.

On a larger scale, in terms of diplomacy and foreign-relations, you have to realize that we're all different. Each country has to care for themselves and find what's best for their own people. We cannot keep thinking that what works best for us works best for the rest of the world...."

 Even though, he basically said something we all know, i think it's something we easily forget. We can't always judge people based on our own standards, because in many cases, our own standards don't apply.

We are all alike in the fact that we are all different. :)
love you, takuya!




  1. haha, you're so cute! i love the pictures of him :)and after talking to you that time about him, i ended up going and typing out a list of all his dramas that i have watched/still to watch. sigh. anyways, you've watched more than me, btw! ~~ manda.

    ps~ and oh yes, that is a good point to remember when dealing with others. especially in interpersonal relationships, we fight too hard to try to change each other, but don't appreciate enough those things that make us each unique! :)

  2. manda! one day, let's have a takuya marathon! I'm getting dvd's left and right, and most of them have english subtitles!! we can have deep takuya discussions together. :)




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