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it must be love, love, love

so, I don't know why this is such a big deal to me...
it could be because i'm pmsing, and overly sensitive about these types of issues...

but in glancing through a marie clair article about contraceptives, a woman's eggs are 90% gone by the time she is age 30.

that keeps dancing around in the back of my head. no, i'm not depressed about it, but yes, it bothers me.

I don't think I need to spell it out for you, and if I do, we're obviously not friends.

but, ya.

and, watching "greenberg" didn't help any. the movie should just be called "sheriff" because the two are identical.


there was a valuable phrase used in the movie. "hurt people hurt people" and although it was a kind of laughable quote, throughout a relatively uncomfortable genius makes too much sense.

I kinda wish that part was said at one of my bathroom breaks, will be something that  i will repeat in my head (continuously) for probably the rest of my life.

And anytime I receive a blow, or give one, that will be my justification for the reasoning.

on a much lighter, and far more positive note: I'm making progress on the bike, I'm about 30 pages from finishing my 5th reading book (remember the goal was to finish 10 books this year)
Reimi bought a hiking book, so it looks like next week we'll be hiking, and yesterday was our trek to chinatown (in hopes of rediscovering hawaii)

things are moving at a steady pace, and goals are being met...

everything happens for a reason, and I have to find my own happiness before I steal it from someone else (born or unborn)


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