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french roast coffee makes my mouth smile

I kinda miss my painting.
I haven't had one of those "what am I doing with my life" moments in some time. (which is good...thank you for the applause, everyone.)

But, every once in awhile the thought creeps up.

I was on the Career Builder website, helping a sista out, and I ended up seeing this posting for an online writer. Basically you go to art events/ social events and do a "review" on the place/event/art-pieces.

And, I was thinking to myself. Oh my god...that sounds so fun.
Of course, i CAN still do that, because I'm a part-time-princess...
but, the site requires about 2-3 blogs a week (ya, I know...I basically do one per-day)


so there really is no reason for me to not do it.

except, I won't because...i won't...
and ya see, that's where the whole "what am I doing with my life" thing pops up.

Am i going to be a 50 year old art teacher at the same school? Is this going to be another tragic hawaii story of someone planting their roots into a position and never expanding?
I keep thinking of the walking nightmare:  Ms/Mr.'I've been at longs for the past 60 years' (reasoning) "...ho, the benefits stay good das why,"   basically saying.......I never tried for anything else.

ok, ok, ok, maybe i'm being a little overly dramatic, and I'm having anxieties because the my first week of teaching starts in 48 hours. Really, I've only been at my current job for like...6 months. lol. So, I'm not planning on quitting any time soon (breathe a sigh of relief all of you readers that work with me...yes, i know you read my blog.
No, no, don't close the screen...I'm just kidding.)

And, maybe the other side of the coin of the 60-year-longs worker is simply "i like where I am, and I'm happy"...(walking dream!)
Which is a sensation I keep looking for, so therefore, one trumps the other...

But, maybe it's time to think about pushing myself in all directions while staying put (for, at least, the time being)
I think this song matches my mood:  (especially the last part where she's singing "la la la la la la...."

me love you long time,

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  1. go for it Winnie! you would make a goos art event blogger, it will be fun and you get to write and share art pictures and see diverse art all at the same time! i'm so happy for you its your calling shoot! go girl



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