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I guess we're at our best when we're miles away

you can't really tell...but it's a green flower!

ya, you really can't tell in this picture. lol. 
so, today was just a day. nothing amazing, or spectacular. I did wake up unusually early (4am) and surprisingly, I wasn't grouchy. So there's that. But, otherwise, it was just another day of craziness.

the kindergarten kids were, as expected, all over the place...
and the 1st graders were vaguely the same.

but, at the end of the day, after wiping all of the tables (ew) and pushing in the chairs, after going on my hands and knees to pick up the crayons and sharpening the last pencils,
after locking the door, and opening up the gate to leave, I noticed these little green flowers.
and, somehow just their tiny existence on the campus of a bizarre school made everything okay.


during my short stay in california, I used to take the bus to work.
At one of the bus stops (san gabriel blvd. and a couple streets up from las tunas...hermosa, i think.) there was a tree that had leaves in the shape of stars. Because I was there in autumn, all of those leaves turned yellow, red, and orange.

so,  on my loneliest days, (if we think back, i had quite a few of those days!)
I would look at that tree and say to myself "hello universe tree"
and I would think...
"this tree is filled with brightly colored stars, and they're ready to fall through the sky and land on the any moment."
I would imagine going up to it, and shaking the trunk just to watch all of the stars fall... (of course, I never did...but just the thought of it was good enough.)

and it would make me smile, and warm my heart in a way I can't explain.

so seeing those green little stars growing off of that bush today, on such an un-extraordinary day, gave my heart a little pump, that sent enough energy into my tired face to allow for a *real* smile.


love is love is love is love


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