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I'm not going to mention my list of personal goals AGAIN...
but, I've decided to work on crossing off another thing from my list.
I'm going to take pictures of my paintings and try to have them displayed at a coffee shop....before december.

And so, when they are displayed...I can have a mini gathering and invite a certain smiling face to see my stuff.

I have a really difficult time letting people know "who" I really am, especially in a professional setting (such as work) and what usually ends up happening is people/co-workers get a altered view of me.
I come off as snobby, or distant, or both...
and people rarely get to see me as: fun, artsy, or even....nice.

On top of that, there is like NO respect for the arts/PTT's, so even more so...I think I come off as being a joke, almost.

so I would like to get my work out there, to kind of prove  not to just others, but to myself, that my hard work is worth it.

so, when I finish up this goal, I'll post some pictures, because I will make this one happen.

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