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"keep it to yourself..."

a rant--a short one, but whatever.....get ready.

there are many things in life i am proud of, and many many many things I am happy about,
but in  living with the biggest racist/ closeted homo-phobe/ -drunken-complainer with a brain the size of a pencil-dot....

I have taken  absolute pride and have felt genuine happiness  in the fact that I share absolutely NO DNA with him.

I'm SOOOO happy that he is NOT my parent, and that I have none of his blood in my body. I am so happy that my parents are/were educated, free thinking artists, who raised their children with love and respect.

even on my worst days,when I feel as though there is no hope in the world, i look at him and realize.."THANK THE LUCKY STARS! we're not related,"  and everything some how seems to get better.

 furthermore, I'm so glad that he has no kids from his pointless-ass-blank-shooting dick, because...that's one less person in the world who is just like him.

there must be a  god, or a higher power out there...because  that idiot  did not multiply.

I've never hated someone as much as I've hated him...
and if all goes well in my life, he will be the first, last, and only person who makes me feel this way...

this is where the theory that hate breeds hate makes so much sense.
because, being in a room with him for 5 minutes while the news is on, and having to hear all of his hateful remarks towards anything that is forward thinking, makes me mad and say hateful things about him...

the solution of course is love breeds love, but... ya, sorry. can't do.
the fact that his big-ass consumes the dinners, and every last meal any one of  us could possibly provide, and that we smile at his stupid one-liner-unfunny jokes, is good enough.

ugh, one day.

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