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lenny kravitz, panic attack, and........''' all in that order

so last night I had the pleasure of catching "iconoclasts" on sundance channel.
the 2 guests for that particular episode were : lee daniels (director of "monster's ball," and "precious") and lenny kravitz.

as i watched the two men converse about their artistic process, and their place in this world, a chime (which is always softly chiming in the back of my head) all of a sudden 'DING'ed' really loudly in my mind.

lenny kravitz is hotness in all forms.
he's a  musican, an artist, a fashion icon (if you will), and.............almost most importantly he's a brotha.

I'm not goingto do my normal: "this is the type of guy that I want to end up with..." blog...
because, DUH.
but, maybe it's time to seek out those who are....................for a lack of better words..................more my type.

and lenny is my type. (well, lenny and kimura, but we need another kimura blog this month?)

panic attack.

so after sleeping with lenny dreams in my mind, I woke up this morning and  basically had a panic attack, because I realized..."oh mylanta, I haven't did anything  I said I was going to do in the past...2 weeks "

so, I hustled and bustled in the house, taking a shower, getting ready, and leaving within a span of about 20 minutes. I sped down the freeway, I swear at points almost going 75 (don't arrest's  a mental issue)
to get down to my work place...
and when I got there, all I really did was open a couple of e-mails, declutter my desk, type up a couple of letters, and organize a couple a forms. all which took about an hour to do, and
a sigh of relief passed over me.

I realized...there's nothing to panic over, and that nothing was really that important at all...

so, I just packed up all of my stuff, and left.
as I pulled out of the parking lot i had an ocd moment of "did I turn off the lights?"
but instead of getting out of the car, walking back to my building, unlocking the gate, treading up the stairs, and unlocking my classroom door...i thought "fuck it."

mental issues are obviously starting to awaken out of a dormant stage. can't wait until it erupts all over everyone's life.

and finally...


' = a japanese symbol for a sound "ten"
and three of them in a row ''' is..
ten ten ten.
today's date.

thank you cosmic for posting that on my facebook page and making this day's frown turn upside down.

love to you all, and's '''


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