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what is inspiration?

going along with yesterday's" chungking express" faye wong video, I have to post PULP's "like a friend"...
because the art scene from "great expectations" is too much for me. i absolutely love it.
what is love without inspiration?
I've asked myself this question for quite some time...and my answer is normally "well, it's not much."
and it's true.

the neat thing i've discovered through growing older is that...
it IS possible to love many things at the same time when you're free to do so.
being single allows me to love so many things in so many different ways without having to answer to anyone or anything.
I can't be unfaithful, if I'm not faithful to any one thing...
and so, i can love you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you...all for different reasons. yay.

so, there.

and let me add,
the unexpected mohawk halloween costume made me like you more.


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