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This is the springtime of my loving...

It isn't hard to feel me glowing.

I haven't been writing in my journal lately. boohoo!
but,. i added some stuff in it last night.
sappy love shit that I always write about...

I think, especially after receiving a package from david, that I should change my standards list.
I'm always comparing new people in my life to david, and no one will ever match up.
Not because david is at a "higher" or "better" standard than anyone else...It's just david is david.

I think the standard I should start setting shouldn't be to another person from my past, but rather, more along the lines of "what works best for me"
because...honestly, after reading through all of david's zines (which was the main content of the package I received...)
there aren't other david's out there, which may be a good (or bad) thing for humanity. lol.

and honestly, it's unfair to compare anyone to him--especially someone who is CLEARLY the opposite from him (thank god)

I feel as though I have to keep repeating the same advice to myself--over and over and over again--because, as smart as I seem, I don't "get" many things easily. it takes TIME for me to process things...and this particular issue has taken me....almost 4 years to get.

let's hope for the best, especially's novemeber. and everything good happens in november.

summertime works overtime,

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