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If you know ANYTHING about me, you know that i'm a music fan, and that I don't take music lightly. i could literally have a 5 hour conversation about the concept/production/lyrics/ and overall make up of one song.

no, don't worry, this won't be a 5 hour conversation blog...
and I'm not going to dissect this song, or write a review...

but, what i will say is this: I don't know how someone has the ability to create a song as beautiful as this one (see below).
I think the reason why I'm such a music fan is because I seriously do not understand the process  in which such amazing music is created.

We're all a part of the arts: visual artist, song-writers, musicians, writers, actors....
But, there is a magic that goes into music-making/music-composition/music-direction that is *maybe* missing from the other arts.

it literally is magic.

if you listen to this song (" I believe when I fall in love")  over and over (as i have done many a time) and you listen to every instrument layered over, and every separate melody that somehow harmonizes together to create this complete and total masterpiece, it's just brilliant.
AND, that's without adding the incredible lyrics and the masterful singing.
Once you add the lyrics and stevie's singing, then the song becomes something else.

I've obviously been in some type of lovey-dovey mood for the past couple of weeks, but i could only dream of loving another person as much as I love this song.

so pretty.

words of love,

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