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residence: happy anniversary.

I wonder what it's like to see "home" in the eyes of another person.

I suppose it's similar to recognizing an old friend in an unexpected and unfamiliar place.
You're looking around anxiously, wondering where to go, and then suddenly you catch the glimpse of someone you know, and all of a sudden a warm wash of "calm" runs over you.

Or it must be like seeing your mom after a long hectic day. Just a millisecond of eye contact, and you know...without words, that you're home.

I look at my Reimi and Ian, and sometimes I'm around at just the right moment to catch that immediate comfort in their eyes.
That's what it means to be home.

I've often wondered, wrote about, and contemplated the ideas of "love"
and I think, above all...feeling at home with another person tops the list of having love.

as a kid, you believe that home is a place...
and that is, obviously, very true...
but, to have the rare opportunity  to have a place in another person, is a gift. :)

happy anniversary.


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