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some ideas i'm playing with

the "man" portrait series, using my "wish you were a man, not a guy" post (which has been taken down) as an artist's statement of sorts...

I think they will be hand-drawn (?) or painted (?) portraits  in the same style of textured/patterns of the men/guys in my life as well as the "stereotypical" media idealized version of what what a man is.

I could also draw from cultural sources: the samurai verses the new borderline cross-dressing/asexual version of a "modern" tokyo man.

Also: the african rites-of-passage from boy to manhood, as well as the ideas of modern African-American idea of what a "man" is...

I can "research" as well as "illustrate" who creates those roles, who emasculates, modifies and over-dramatizes the ideas of what an (african-/asian- or simply just an) "American"  man is, should be, can be, was, and is no longer...

Thank you x 100000000000000000 to chris for such a great idea. You=man in my life. lol.

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