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sticks and stones will break your bones...but words will always hurt.

so, after a wonderful conversation with a near-and-dear,
I've come to the conclusion that I will put a halt on my blog-writing. Or, rather...
i will use this as a vehicle of creativity rather than a "diary" or "journal."

In the past, my words have had a negative effect on my relationships, and I can see it happening again...slowly.
so, I will say this, and leave it at this:
If I can't say it to your face, I have  no right to write it out and have you,and the rest of the world, read it.

there are parts of myself that I need to work on, one being: my way of communicating my feelings verbally (effectively), and I will never get to work on that if I keep my written crutch alive and strong.

So there.
I will keep this as a poetry/stort-story/painting creative outlet, and will delete all of my previous writings by the end of night.

love to you, and you, and you...

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  1.'s too much to delete. I have over like 500 blogs... lol.
    whatever, i'll just start a new leaf without having to destroy the other.



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