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I have that underwater feeling again. Like I've just went under--not struggling for air yet.

Second or third time going under so the water doesn't shock me anymore. It's warm. 

Everything is blurry. 
Everything is blue.

I'm not moving my arms so I can stay down as long as possible.

Sounds are gurgled and occasionally crackly.

Nothing and everything makes sense. 
Nothing and everything makes sense.
It makes sense.

It's Calm

Bubbles expel from my nose and mouth.

Here comes the tricky part

Do I stay under, or do I float up and take a sip of air?

Pinching my nostrils I decide to stay under

Sounds feel like they are getting louder. The splashing seems closer.

The water churns around me, as I realize I'm kicking. blubbles race across my face 

Without notice my torso springs up horizontally. 

I am now facing the sand, and what was unclear is now just a sheet of cream colored canvas.

Black waves of hair encircle my eyes and my head bobbles around.

My chest is pounding and I can feel my body pulsating. Feet kicking trying to reach the bottoms, trying to pump myself out of the water with my last ounce of strength. 

I want to breathe

But, not just yet. 

My eyes open wider than before and my body and mind fill with fear. 

What am I doing?
What am I doing?


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