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So, the other day one of my kids came up to me sobbing.

"miss win-----win------win-----win----winnnnnnnnie..."
"what's wrong aldrin?"

Miss win-----win------win--------winnnnnnie...."

"Um, can you tell the boys ober-der to say sorry to me?" pointing to a circle of boys sitting around eating their lunch.
"okay...well tell me what happened..."

" (sob sob sob)"
"calm down aldrin, what happened..."

""Um, they were teasing my socks."
"what..." (my eyes lowered to look at his socks, but more so because of the stupidity of the situation.)

Aldrin was wearing white socks that had "SAS" embroidered into the sides.

One of the boys, Jerico--a small boy with a childish lisp, came up to me and said..."Miss Winnie, I said sowrry...alweady."

"Ya, but, my feelings are still hurt, miss winnie!" aldrin demanded.

Trying to remain level headed during all of this I asked...
"Um....what's the deal with the socks, aldrin?"

"Miss you know what SAS is?" Aldrin said while looking up at me with his wet large eyes.

"Isn't it a brand of shoes (the old people shoes that only Chinese women wear?)...." I said.

"No. No. NO!" Aldrin said.
"It's my school: Saint Anthony's School! Dat's what the SAS stands for, but all the boys are saying it stands for Stupid and short! or Slow and Short... **Aldrin is like...2 ft tall..he's SOOOOOOOO short, and he's sooooo not with the program, so really...SAS could very well stand for that, but anyway...

"oh really, that's what they were saying" i said with a smirk. I was trying so hard to hold in my laugh.
"Ya..." wiping his tears away temporarily staining his gray t-shirt.

Jerico interrupts, "Miss Winnie, I said I was sowrry."

"adrin, Did jerico really say sorry?"

"Ya, but it still hurts because he was making fun of my school (sob) and saint anthony. What did saint anthony do to jerico, huh?" Aldrin demands...

I couldn't take it anymore, I started to laugh.
"Are you serious? Look, aldrin...jerico already said sorry. you're just going to have to get over it..."
I said while resting both of my hands on his tiny shoulders.

Ya, Aldrin...I didn't know saint Anthony was jesus' cousin" Jerico said.

I completely lost it and turned away to laugh.
Afterwards...I looked at both of their short little bodies and must be nice.

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