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taking it back to the old school, because I"m an old fool, who's so cool

I want my cell phone back.

so the vietcong that I'm living with wants to have a "house party" on saturday, and I don;t know if I'm being a debbie-downer about it, but I want to call our landlord and get her evicted.

Saturday and Sunday are the only 2 days that I don't have to worry about SHIT, and to know that a whole bunch of (ugly) south east asians are going to be "partying it up" in this haunted-ass house, makes me MAD.

like, why can't they go out and have a "good time"? And many of her friends need to know the interior of this house? I'm so tired of her and "better-luck-next-time" crew. It would be different if her friends were just a littttttle older, but I swear some of them are like 18. And 18 year old's are WAY too excited about everything.

california has made me hate asians.


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