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TB tests and Fingerprints.

Dear Employer who looks JUST like David,

Thanks for the interview last week. I really appreciate the fact that you didn't get back to me on Monday (my only day off) for the interview but, that on Thursday, the day we actually ended up meeting, you didn't "offer" me the job, you just hinted at me getting it.

Thanks so much for all of the information and clarity when you said: "for this position you're going to need fingerprints and a TB clearance" but gave my absolutely no paperwork and no locations where I could get any of this done. Afterall, Southern california is the size of a dime, right?

Oh, and as far as your diligence in getting back to me with answers, real answers, you're number one. I still don't know where these schools are located beyond the vagueness of your "One is in Whittier, and the other is in La Puente" and, who knows when my start date is?
One day it's monday 11/10, the next day it's Thursday 11/6.

But, who's keeping score, right?

You're fantastic. ^_^ Can't wait to do work with you. I wonder if you'll fuck with my paychecks just like the wonderful Nakajima USA guess is YES ^_^




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