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just keep me where the light is.

So, after 4 months of being totally unhappy (well, technically, 3 because I was happy while reimi and ian were there--and while I hung out with the messarra's)

I've decided to choose happiness over the hardcore-independence that people seem to talk so loosely about out. My perspective has shifted from one vantage point to another, and my decision making has become sharper--and perhaps, just a tad bit quicker.

LA is my first choice for visiting purposes, but as for life--at least right now, it's not for me.

And there are no justifications, no excuses, or explanations.
It is what it was: an experience.

I'm happy to have done it, I'm looking forward to a time when I can do it again, but if i've learned anything from this it is: life doesn't stop for experiences, it changes.

And, i'm satisfied with that.


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