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a punk--vampire weekend.


I've decided to make it a point to be far more selective with how I spend my time, whom I spend my time with, and where I spend it at.

basically (with the exception of time constrains, god knows we're all busy people)
if you see more of me: I want to see more of you
and if you see less of me: I want to see less of you.

I'm tired of forced friendships, fake smiles, and bad nights out.

i've spent a lot of time thinking of my previous experiences (within the last 10 years)
and, a lot of time was wasted in "trying" to have a good time, or "trying" to make someone like me, or "trying" to make the best of things....

I know who makes me smile, and who doesn't...
and I think I have a better understanding sensing when
things are working
and when they are not.

it should be somewhat effortless to smile...
but, i've had to make the effort more times than less, and I want that to stop.

A smile that doesn't last longer than that moment, isn't worth it anymore.

the minute someone subtracts from your time, that's when you subtract them.
makes sense.


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