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art show 2009

oh jesus, jesus, jesus.

So first friday, june 2009:

let me start with the good things first (after all it's a BEAUTIFUL morning...why ruin it with the bad?)

So, right by the mercury bar there was this "mini-maker's festival" (which wasn't the official name, but a name it should've had)
um...hi, cutest thing to hit hawaii--ever.

I was totally in love with the harajuku-ness of the alley way of vendors, granted there were only maybe..15 or so vendors in total (if even that many) but, that was THE biggest highlight of the night. Apparently last night was their first time to expo the selling-of-stuff via dingy side-street, and i'm not going to lie.....I want in. I want in SOOOO badly....and I WILL find a way in. **maybe that will be my first area to slowly walk back into the (barfing noise) art scene in hawaii.

Contact info for the mini-maker-maddness: Um ya, I didn't GET any. so stupid. And can you believe, I didn't even have ONE drink last night. 3 cheers for sober (stupid) winnie. I will find info out and try, try, try

anyway...I think they're going to have one next month--a "hippy" festival of sorts. You KNOW I can't wait to see my 50-year old lover in old janis joplin drag. oh wait, I can.

so that was the plus.

the minus:
So...i'm a little tired (and afraid) of the awkward "OMG-i'm-an-art-major" art students. Was I one of them?

girls: "lesbian chic" is my term. they wear bold stripes, cabbie hats, sport beards--oh wait, that's the guys..., have a bicycles, little-to-no make up, and have the hair style where you put some product in and run your fingers diagonally from scalp to neck...(I know what you're thinking..."still?"..ya, still.)

boys: plaid fitted button-down-top OR OR OR the TIGHT t-shirts (usually some shade of faded yellow, green,or the rusty but trusty white t-shirt with the underarm sweat stains) black pants, converse (duh), same hair style as the girls...but 10 times more dramatic "oh, I'm not an anime, I just look like one" and the unhappy "oh woe is me" look in their expressionless eyes--even though it's beYOND apparent that they're happy to be out on a friday.

Both boys and girls carry a half empty bottle of beer, not bud light (because that's embarrassing) not heineken (because the poor asian babies would be lying in a ditch throwing up their guts), but something neutral like a corona/red stripe/or some unknown beer brand that "they just discovered one night out with Jess/james/matt/ you fill in over-used name...."

I will say this though: there were 2 guys who were SO cute.

one of them, an asian/white mixed waif (white shirt with tight black pants...see above description) with the hair of wolverine (woof!) soooo cute!!! like his hair was literally ALL up in the wolvz updo...I couldn't stop staring at him. he was like 4 ft. of human and 2 ft. of hair! sooooooooo cute.
maybe a d.j. because he had a big box covered in band stickers (so cliche! but soooooo so soooo cute!)

and this other, parenthesis of a boy ( <--his posture was literally like that!
wearing a yellow v-neck. long hair in the diagonal swoosh of sorts...just standing in the middle of the road having an uneventful conversation with a white guy.

oh GOD, all of the yuppy white people last night. are you serious? nothing to do in kailua? blah blah blah. And all making a line at indigo..too many people.

bigggggggggggest disappointment. the 10 mile long line to bar 35. and you wondered why winnie stayed sober allllll night?? couldn't, or rather, wouldn't get in line for my favorite drink.

39 hotel. didn't even stay long enough to run into old (and I'm mean literally OLD) faces.

anyway, that was my re-cap of the night. Oh...if you wanted to read about the art: sorry that was another disappointment THERE WAS NONE. recession is obviously hitting the streets in real-time fashion because I didn't see ANYTHING conversation worthy. the watercolor society?
not a diss, but a true, true, true observation. I wouldn't have even minded seeing work from the winnie-idea-stealer (name begins with an A and ends with an N) but even he (and his crew of haters) were no where to be found. hmmm? wonder why.

as the title mentions art show 2009. that's what I'm working towards. I want either bar 35, a coffee shop, or a cafe.

(in general) mark's garage and the other galleries (louis pohl, bethel street, peggy hopper side project) seem to have their favorites (oh stop winnie, don't burn another bridge!) So, I'm just going to leave those galleries to their favorites, and not even try--or at least, not try there YET. but I do want to show, and more than anything...I want IN on the maker's festival. it will happen. promise-omise.

that isn't all, but it's all for now.


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