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deli by delorean

songs that sound like this ("deli" by delorean) makes me want to rob a bank, buy cool shit and leave.

I want $$
I want to get my fucking degree (masters in education) so that I can teach for a couple up and then retire when I'm 33
dance in place on the bar
learn shit
experience stuff
do art
get the degree I really want (masters in fine arts)
and then
when money starts to dwindle down to nothing
then, get the job I reallllllllly want
art professor.

then I can kiss my confined spaces goodbye
I can say hello to spacious rooms with exposed brick walls
hello to white wine when the clock strikes 12 pm
hello to handsome young faces and pretty new clothes
hello to night openings and loose, breezy white art pants
hello to having and keeping green plants and flowers in my house
hello to having a real view from a real lanai
hello to Morocco, Spain, London, and Italy (in the summers)
hello to traveling companions and one night stands with faces I won't have to commit to.
hello to doing exactly what I want, when I want.

but, as always the song ends.


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