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the difference is why

lenny kravitz helps me think.

I'm knitting scarves in the middle of summer. someone give me reason and duty, please.
I've started jotting ideas down, here and there, for my summer fun compilation. I've also put some real thought into what direction I want to go in.

chris and I were thinking about starting an afterschool art program together. there are so many possibilities for the both of us.

But, before I commit to anything, I need to work on getting my shit together.

I'm going to be 27 in a little more than a month.
so gross.

when I was 17 what did I expect of the next 10 years?

what am I expecting for the next 10 years to come? by 37 (ewwww) what will I have accomplished?


I hate the 4th of july.
Since I was a little kid, the 4th of july has always been the lamest holiday. I think I somehow always knew that celebrating this country was wrong. I never liked the fourth of july crafts that I had to make in summer school/fun, and i never enjoyed the patriotic songs, shows, flags, and trash that goes along with this damn holiday.
I think the cupcakes sold with the poisonous red/white/blue frosting are an eye sore; the stupid color coordinated shirts, outfits, hair accessories are all trash.
I've always equated the 4th of july with white people. white people baking in the sun, playing volleyball, eating bbq-ed anything while their fat *shirtless* little children run wild with fruit punch stains around their mouths.

Large white masses taking up beach/park space with their praises to this country...
It's especially lame here, in hawaii, (even though's lame on the continent) because these big white bodies, who bbq and leave their trash for the wind to pick up, are celebrating on stolen land.

I realize that all "americans" celebrate this holiday. and that all "americans" come in a myriad of colors, but the one that sicks out to me is white. they've found a way to kick out the reds, and beat people until they're that they're good ol' white will shine right through the middle...

hate to be the activist who shits on your apple pie, but I wish this day would pass already.


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