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ice cream is better than...

I filled a coffee cup with ice cream
and thought...maybe I should start my mornings with this instead?

anyway, so I'm feeling better. i've deleted some previous blogs. Although I'm a fan of being human, I don't necessarily like to keep evidence of my human-ness (i.e. bad days) It's unattractive.

speaking of...what happened to my beauty regimen that I so adamantly kept up while in the dirtiest state known to mankind? I used to wash, exfoliate, tone, and then moisturize like I was getting paid to do so.
But, now that i'm living in the land of beautiful weather, clean air...all of a sudden, i'm not using as much sunscreen, I rarely moisturize, I used cheap cleansers (hi noxzema instead of my olay...)
In a strange way, the bad air of california kept my skin fresher than the clean air of hawaii.
Gotta get back into the swing of things. I took some iphotos earlier today, modeling some of my "grandma's best" beanies...and I saw the fine lines and sun splotches on my skin. i'm only 26 not 62...

the beauty regimen needs to be revamped and taken seriously.

the outside reflects in the inside, just as much as the inside radiates out.

I'm listening to Dave Matthew's band "Where are you going" and...I feel little palpitations in my heart. his voice is the heat that melts butter.
*kinda like jeremy*

so I said his name, shoot me.

anyway....I don't know if I deleted my "where the wild things are" rant (because that may've been attached to a cry-me-a-river blog) but, I realllllllllllllly want to see the movie (opening night) and I don't want to be bothered with commentary after wards. I want to take it in and have a nostalgic moment with the book...over coffee and smiles.

that's what I want more of. smiles. (on cute faces...but we can't have it all, so smiles is good enough.)

I also want to share a quick blip: I watched "man on wire" last night..and can i just say, i loved it. It was simple, soft, the point. I appreciate the task which was documented, and the philosophy behind the bizarreness of the task, and...I also want to marry a man that walks on a wire...metaphorically and physically.

that is all for tonight. i'm on a high, feeling so much better on all levels.

yay for love
and yay for you.

i've decided to share my blog address on facebook, so hi readers...i love you all.

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