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show me how you do that trick...

listening to the dinosaur jr. version of "just like heaven"

it's 10 times more sexy, maybe because a man in lipstick isn't singing it?

no more talk about my non-existent love life, and no more talk about what was and what could have been, because that's a real long brain drain.

time to talk about the future.

so, since I'm queen of comparing my life to others, I've started to notice a major trend with my (younger) facebook friends. THEY ARE ALL TRAVELING.

none of them are "moving" per se, but they are all going places and doing things with their time.
If I had just decided to save up the (wasted) accumulated 10 thousand dollars from last years "california move" I could've went to japan, and new york for at least 2 weeks (each)...I could've bought a used car. I could've found a roommate (in salt lake)

yada yada yada...

once again, this blog will not be about what could've, should've, would've is about what will be.

so, I'm going to save up again, and during summer of 2010 I'm going to travel, whether it's with reimi & ian, friends, or by myself. I'm tired of looking through everyone's photo albums of their cool trips around the globe and then going back to mine and seeing just pictures of myself.

goal: save up to travel.


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