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is this love that I'm feeing?

there are a lot of miniature things taking place all at once.
this weekend I managed to: finish up 2 beanie sales (working on third),
start making creative neck-wear with yarn and other mediums, as well as, illustrate my children's book, and lose friends on facebook.

amazing. and it's only sunday? i have one more day to make the world turn..

and, i don't want to dwell on any one thing right now, but let me just say this...

personal politics are pointless
choosing sides and defending them wholeheartedly is stupid
and the concerns of the world are simply that, concerns of the world.

one cannot change the minds of all,
but all cannot change the minds of one

people come and go through your life, as they do mine,
our time spent with each other is brief, and in some respect almost meaningless...
when you exit the doors of someone's personality,
all you can do is wipe your feet against their doormat and continue walking.
leaving it at that.

but, stop to realize:
if you keep walking out of people's lives,
you soon will just be left walking,

there is a lot of regret in losing contact with you, from all ends, i think...
because you used to be really cool.


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