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it's love.

this week:

september 7-11

I want to complete these things:

1. finish loading the final images for the universe book
2. contact/go to UH and get the applications for fall 2010
3. get the dates for the praxis, so I can have a firm study date
4. contact coffee bean, sure shot cafe, and the new coffee shop/bar in downtown for future shows...

4 things, I think I can handle that.

listening to jill scott's "it's love" and thinking about how fun it will be when all of these things actually develop into something more. you can't walk through the fragrant flower garden if you never plant the seeds...

and I plan on walking through the gardens for the rest of my life (with beau! <---lol maybe?)'s time to get those seeds, gloves, and shovels ready.


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