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brown and orange flowers.

as this year comes to a close,
It's hard not to graze the pages of my diaries.
I started the year off with my "rethink" diary, and at my birthday, I started the brown and orange diary--the one with the faded flowers...

2000 nine
was a good year for me.
I got everything I wanted so far...
my spring was good because I came home and I reconnected with some old friends.
my summer was fulfilling because I got to work with my closest friends
my autumn was rocky, but in the end, I was offered a new job and completed a lot of the things I wanted to...
and now it's winter, and my 2 best friends are coming in from the cold to warm up the new year.

this was such a wonderful year.
but, I will make a confession, I wish that Beau was still a part of this year. I don't think it was supposed to work out the way it did, and deep down inside, I still really want to know him and be friends with him, because I did like him a lot.

it's hard for me to find someone--especially a guy--that makes me laugh, and as I get older, meeting people is almost pointless, because you go through a whole game of charades before you get to know the real player behind allllll of the characters.

--Maybe Beau's actions were him in character, or maybe time ran out and i couldn't guess, so he just blurted out who he really was? I don't know.

but, whatever.
as i've said all along--ESPECIALLY with this situation,
if it's supposed to happen, it will...

goodnight loves.

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