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only women bleed.

so true, and thank god for that.

I have a tendency to bounce back and forth when it comes to every little thing concerning my life--especially my love life.

but, as sad as this may seem, I've found a similar pattern between my employment history and my love history...

there are certain jobs that I keep coming back to, no matter how shitty the job, because I like the merchandise (hi..I think we ALL know who that was in my life.)

there was the job that offered insurance, and was part time, but ended up not being what I wanted. i left it once, came back, and left it again...(hi frank)

then there was c2f. (hi john)

and beau...let's hope to the luckiest of lucky stars that beau does not equal the kuhio job.

no. he, to me, seems like the art job in california. it would've been everything I wanted, but there was bad communication, and even though I was totally ready for it, all in all, it didn't work out, and he never called me back. ouch.

so, i'm starting to see love and and employment that my personality defines.

lets speak in metaphors for awhile, because it suits it well:

don't burn bridges
quit when you're ready
but don't go back after you quit--because nothing ever changes.

find a job that offers you creative freedom and moderate control..
find a job that you friends and family like, but also one where job likes you..meaning, the job benefits from your employment.
Within my job, I can expand my roles and be willing to offer more, but with compensation.

most importantly: this should be a job that I love so much that i would be willing to do it for free--but in reality, I'm compensated well. I can live happily and sustain a good lifestyle. nothing too extravagant, but definitely better than minimum wage.
something I don't want to quit, and something that won't lay me off.
retirement will be sweet..and well worth the effort of work.

see what i see?

love to you.

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