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friendship doesn't exist between men and women.

keep repeating it, winnie.

guys and girls can't be friends.


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  1. ahahahhahahaa...bigu shocku? guys and girls can be friends, winnz but there's a certain point where the dynamics change (like, after high school) where you make friends in college, or the work place or wherever. This is how I view it ( I could be wrong)

    Woman + Guy = not going to work

    Girl + Man = not going to work

    Man + Woman = friendship or relationship is possible

    I think there is a point where maturity levels need to match, and guys take a lot longer to become men than girls do to become women.

    I also think there is a huge cultural difference in "friendship." In places like Japan, where everything is "cute" and "innocent" (i.e. all J-Dorama's) friendships like this actually exist...but I think in America where everything is driven by sex, sex comes first, and if it's meant to be, friendship will evolve. But that's just my opinion.
    I mean, there might be those who have been best buddies for 10 years and turn into girlfriend/boyfriend and then get married...but there's a reason why that's the plot of every Hollywood movie...because it's a fantasy.



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