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japanese cherry tea latte.

so I had a dream about keanu reeves, or some keanu look a like...
I don't realllllllllly know if it was him (not complaining) but i haven't had a keanu marathon or a deep keanu conversation in awhile, therefore, I think it's destiny and that I'm going to end up with keanu (or a keanu look alike)


I've dreamed of this mysterious person keanu-like-man since I was like 12. (Not kidding, 100% serious)

He comes and goes and ages with me in my dreams. Like, when I was 12, he was 15 (in my dreams)

and now that I'm at a ripe-old-age of 27, he (in my dream) is like 30ish...

hi, destiny.

I would give details about the dream, but these ones I keep secret. ^_^


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  1. i believe in signs and interpreting dreams too! this is cute! time will tell all!



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