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what does satisfaction look like?

it's called "#64 sunset gold" and it take a look from junky to funky in literally seconds.

why am I writing about this, you may wonder?
because i'm out of my favorite color, and I've been out of it for SOME time...

I thought i could go to sephora to find a cheapy replacement to save me 27$ at the neiman marcus counter.

But, you know what I re-realized while wiping off the 10$ sticky sephora brand testers?

There are no substitutes for Chanel.

It's expensive for a reason.
"satisfaction, guaranteed"

not too sticky
not transparent
not overly sweet or fruity (i don't want to eat my lipgloss)
and not the wrong color...

"sunset gold" brushed over "moire" (another chanel color) = ^_^

and that's what I want: ^_^


let me just add
"spark" is another unbelievable favorite which I am currently out of, but I think that's more an "autumn" color... but seeing how I'm working like a crazy hoe...
autumn will just come a little earlier for yours truly.

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