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japanese man...

I'm going through a phase, or not..
I don't know.
anyway, this was a theme song from another favorite show...
of course, my favorite man in the video is the one in the white shirt (and glasses)...and the lead singer with the colorful pinkish shirt...
just want to share and keep so that i can look back on this and smile.

...I just want to add this too, after watching the video 3 more times, and re-reading what I wrote...

I think the reason why I'm SO drawn to this particular video, and all of my japanese dramas, and whatnot...
is maybe, my way of reminding myself that there are still nice men out there.

of course, this is all scripted, and the japanese shows are exactly that: shows...

but, sometimes I get so bogged down with what's going on here, and I become SO disappointed in life/men/people, that I start to forget that there are still nice people in the world.

i've noticed that my demeanor and things change when I see/hear mean things about others. i literally shut down, and stop talking, because I don't want to partake in the ugliness.

i think, in knowing joe as long as i have, i'm automatically turned off when I hear mean things said about other people.

All he does is criticize other people/races/lifestyles, and it's probably because deep down inside he hates himself...
but, it makes me sick.

So, this video, and maybe my unlikely obsession with another certain japanese man, is maybe just a little glimmer of hope that, not everyone is mean spirited, and not everyone has something bad to say.

I think of my dad a lot, and I've been thinking about him even more so these past couple days, and the one thing I will always remember about him, was his ability to NOT say negative things about others.

And as a child, I used to make general statements ("they're all bad people...."), and say mean things about people, and I would get scolded...
because it just wasn't right...
the first thing he would say is "don't  make general statements winnie, not all of the people are bad." and "you become just as bad when you say bad things about others..."

negativity is unattractive. And, my hating of joe, and my ever-longing pain in my chest of dislike, makes me just as unattractive as the statements that come out of his mouth.

beauty and love comes in all forms, but it takes effort to find and utilize both.


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