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i'm over my head, but it sure feels nice

okay okay okay,  i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that I said my infatuation with a certain some one was totally gone, and it still is...

but, after having a conversation with Alyson i figured it out...

i know why i still like  this normal man, it has to do with my birthday (kinda)

I'm getting older!!!

I can't go for the strange-quirky-"oh you're so awkward,:you go to coffee shops and sit alone with a latte and frantically draw caricatures of people in your notebook/ you smell like bar 35 and wear tight fitting white shirts and dark jeans/ you don't like being classified as an "artist" but only talk with large art-terms, and quote literature from classic novelist/poets such as Wilde and (of course) Rilke or Sappho, ," weirdos that I normally like, because I'm no longer attracted to them.

I think my ovaries have taken control of my heart and brain (no, i don't want to bang him...........................yet)
but, I'm trying to find a suitable "life" friend...and all of the above listed no longer fit my standard.

the stable:  I gotta job (maybe 2 jobs), I wear normal clothes (a t-shirt and surf shorts,) I have a normal car (with no figurines glued to the hood...... oh, , and laugh about normal things that aren't "ironic"..."politically correct/incorrect" or.....(hallelujah) "overly academic (and basically un-funny to those who aren't in the "know"...)
is what I'm now attracted to. 

i'm not saying I want a dumb guy (even though it seems like that's what I'm saying..)

no.  no. no.

it's just, my taste has changed drastically. I went from having a sample of every yogurt at the yogurtland cup to just reallllly appreciating the plain normal tart.

I'm not interested in the karma chameleon, nor am I trying to find someone is trying to out-do me with their witty conversation tactics. I'm no longer looking for the guy with the "interesting" outfit, or the "strange choice" in beverage...because seriously, it's all contrived.They're all just  carbon-copies from a Wes Anderson movie.

I just want a plain normal man (and yes, i'm referring to that plain man, but any other will do)

that's al.
thanks a lot, ovaries. 

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