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we can be heroes, just for one day.

So, I've been watching "Hero" with, yes, you've guess it...kimura takuya.
It's a funny one. Sometimes, I prefer Asian humor over American humor, but i think you have to be Asian (or at least, un-americanized) to really grasp the funniness of it.  I think I just repeated myself with different words.


I hit the "damsel in distress" mode a couple of times, and have analyzed it many times more...
but of course, watching the drama has sparked the notion again.

We all need a Hero. Each and every one of us needs it.  (In my mind, playing loudly is Tina Turner's "We don't need another Hero" totally contradicting my last 2 sentences, but whatever...)

Anyway, back to my point, I think each of us needs a Hero. Someone to feel safety and comfort in.
It doesn't have to be a romantic interest (although for many, it is)
For a long time (and still to this day) my mom is one of my heroes.

But, I suppose the real question is...(as shallow as it may seem)
is.. Am I a Hero?

hmm... as I ponder that one for the rest of the day, i'll end with this:

last night, i saw 13 meteors fly by through the sky. pretty magical.

love to you, and every little thing that surrounds your world.

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